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Fortuner 4×4 Fans GTG 2014

To keep everyone up- to- date about our get together (GTG) in October 2014, please read the below information. Should any plans change, we will update this page accordingly or advise everyone on this thread.

To give a brief overview of what we are planning:

The Location is Gariep Dam and we will be staying at Badplaas Resort

Dates are the weekend of 3-4 October 2014. This will allow for those that want to stay longer to book into the week as well.

We are planning to organise something for the Saturday evening in the form of a Spit Braai, which can be organised by the resort unless a members can help out here. I will organise this close to the time.

They also have a new 4×4 trail at the resort which I thought would be a nice activity for Sunday.

They have lots of activities such as fishing, sports facilities; bring your own boat for water sports etc.

We are going to ask that member’s book directly with the resort, I have got a contact person who will deal with the bookings at the resort.

I had a concern about noise and also making sure that we camp together. They have a policy of no music and quiet time after 10pm. What I have managed to do is organise 16 luxury camp sites which seem to be away from chalets and other camp sites. This will allow for a bit more freedom I think as it is only if others complain when it becomes a problem. Please note that these camps are on secure until end February so if you plan to go please book now. If there are still some left after end Feb I might book the rest and then sell them off later but I want to try and avoid this.

Those that book later can always take normal camp sites and join the group at the luxury sites.

Camp sites can take a maximum of 6 people so you can share if you like.

Luxury Camp sites just mean you have an ablution per site.

Those that want chalets can book those and join us if they like.

For Bookings

Dates are flexible as long you are there on the Saturday 4th October.

Please contact Aldine Fick on 051 754 0045 and quote that you from the Fortuner 4×4 Fans forum.

Once you have booked and paid please send me an email or message from the contact form so I can keep a list and keep this updated on the forum.
I have attached the price list as well alternatively you can go to the website for more info.

If anybody has been there before and can give me advice, please send me a pm message.


Francois AKA Cois


Robert AKA Fortunator

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