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Saturday, December 29th 2018, 9:38pm

Door warning

Hi. 2016 toyota fortuner 2.8 gd 6 a/t. With all doors closed one doors shows on the display that it is still open. Cannot lock it with remote. Have to use manual key. While driving, doors will lock but warning stays that show one door is open. After a while it will sometimes go away but sometimes the warning stays. The warning and beep will go on and off several times while driving. Sometimes i drive a long while before the problem arises again. Had door sensor checked and seemed OK.

Had it checked by a dealer. He checked the knob sensor of the door and could not find a problem. Did some diagnostic test but also nothing. As long as the diagnostic machine was pluged in the door showed closed. He thaught it might be a earth problem somewhere. Never had this problem. Had my windscreen replaced recently.

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