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Friday, January 18th 2013, 4:27pm

Stuck transfer gear in Hl and only have neutral.

Hi all.

Cliff here and new to forum.

Have just completed an amazing trip across the Namib desert from Luderitz to Walvis. During the trip while driving in Hl on sand the transfer gear "short lever" seemed to disengage and leave me with no drive from the gearbox. Luckily one of the tour operators had seen this before on a Toyota and knew how to fix it. He had to open up the transfer gear operation and re-engage the gearlever as it has come loose. The transfer lever was jammed solid before it was re-engaged. Once all bolted up all was fine for a further 4 days where it happened again.

What surprised me the most is that it was not under an load when it disengaged. We had been doing some pretty tough driving in the high dunes and all this time it never had any problems. Both times it came off was under very little load just soft driving, coming to a stop and when pulling away I had no drive.
I have taken the car in for a service and they say they have never heard of this before but when I googled this I get quite a few similar stories like this one on -

This is not something you want to happen when you are on your own and do not have a good toolbox with you as it is quite a procedure to fix. It is apparently something to do with a circlip coming loose and a spring.

The Toyota dealer that is servicing my car said they would send it off to a gearbox specialist to have a look at but they can’t see anything wrong.

Does anyone have any info that will give me some peace of mind that this can be fixed and that this will not happen again in some remote location all alone.

Any comments welcome.





Saturday, December 15th 2018, 10:01pm

Lever stuck

Hi how have he got it fixed removed gearbox?
Or is there a video of how they do it?

I have same problem now

Whant to see whats the problem to tel gearbox man to get qwote to do it

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