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  • "charl_vandermerwe" started this thread

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Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 9:28pm

What must I DO???

This is my letter to Toyota, my story...What can I do,

Good Day Toyota

Hope all is well. I have recently had the worst car trouble I have ever had in my life. I bought a 2007 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 (150k on the clock for R200k) from Toyota in Hermanus/ Western Cape. Im a very proud Toyota owner and have always been so I spend R13k on Amada Extreme 4x4 shocks (as the cars shocks was past its sell by date) as well as a CASCA GPS unit.
I work oversees so while I was abroad I told my wife to take the car for a ride to Cape Town (+- 100kms away) on the way there the car went into limp mode and she was forced to pull off in a very dodgy area near Grabouw. She whats app me while I was overseas and I instructed her to phone Hermanus Toyota to help. Our Sales person and friend Wayne le Roux was very helpfull as always and helped her out. As soon as I got home I took the car to Toyota and they told me the car needed a Turbo overhaul.
They send the Turbo away and receved a other turbo that was overhauled. The Manager then told me that the previous owner told him about the problem and thats why he traded the car in. (So Hermanus Toyota knew about the problem) Off I went. 2weeks later I was driving and the car did the same, limp mode and los of power. Back to Toyota where they told me it was the Air flow meter sensor that was faulty. 2 days later I got my car back with a new air flow meter. a Month later my wife was driving the same dangerous route to cape town when the same thing happend.....Back to Toyota where they told me, it was a faulty new air flow meter and they will replace this. I then said it could not be the case and I want proof that this is whats the problem.....The workshop manager showed me the faulty air flow meter and garenteed me that the problem would be fixed. But this time I told them in front of witnisses that this is an dangerous fault and could cause a massive accedent .Off I went with a new turbo and 2x air flow meters.... This past weekend I was driving with my family on the N2, we were aprocing a hill and the road split into two lanes. I was driving 120km/h past a truck on my left when the car did it again. Limp mode no power, this time there was a white kombi on my tail and he had no place to go but into the oncoming trafics lane to prevent going into my back. We all almost lost our lives as I told Toyota would happen!! The owner of the Kombi stoped behind me and wanted to break my neck. I have 2 year old the back and my wife in front. I have never in my life been so shaken up.
Back to Toyota. I did not want the car anymore.... The options they gave me was to pay in R18k for a 2x4 or R75k for a 4x4. My only real requirement for a car is 4x4 as I camp and do 4x4 weekends (thats way I installed a Amada Extreme shocks system for R13k on my Fortuner). No other car options available. I feel its past the point where I ask my money back and my shocks and my GPS unit and we just call it a day.......
The saga goes on.
They took my Car and gave me the R275k 4x4 Fortuner to go and show my wife, I was keen on buying it but my wife told me we dont really have the funds available. So I went to a meeting and on the way to return the car I could not start it, Battery flat. Phoned Wayne he came out to jump me (As I said he is the gold member in the branch I think and needs a promotion) He brought me a other Fortuner (the 2x4 for R18k extra) to drive while we figure out what to do. Today I was driving the 2x4 and Father hear me out........The car came to a stop and died on us with my whole fam in the car.....I could not believe it. No one can. We were stranded again in a Fortuner they wanted me to pay R18k up on. The amount of time , energy, fights between me and my wife and lives almost lost we had to go trough to make it this far.
I phoned the previous owner of the car Henk... He told me he started experiencing this issue 2 years ago and he had Toyota Overhaul the turbo but the problem persisted, he then traded in. Toyota Hermanus knew about this dangerous problem when they sold me the car.
I cant affort R75k for the new 4x4 fortuner. So instructed them to send the car to the main workshop in Cape town to get a second opinion. But deep down we will never feel safe in that car again and never have the trust in the car that one should have in a Toyota. Im also scared that this problem on the car could have affected other parts and will give me more problems in the near future.
Why dont I just ask my R200k and shocks and GPS back?? Well we think its past that point. This is 6months of my life that I totaly lost trust in Toyota.

Nou manne. Wat moet ek doen? Wat stel julle voor? Kan ek opdruk en iets kry uit hulle uit? Moet ek my Prokureur gaan sien? Of mors ek my tyd en ek moet maar net my geld vat en my shocks en gps en move en iets anders gaan soek met my grys hare???




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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 7:52am

Sjoe . Kan nie glo een mens kan soveel dinge oorkom nie. Ek sal hulle ddruk vir my geld terug en gaan koop liewer iets anders. Sterkte ou maat.

AJ Venter


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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 8:39am

Hi, I would also ask my money back and get another one if I were you.



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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 10:32am

Consumer Protection Act....
Sounds like you need to go legal unfortunately.



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Thursday, June 1st 2017, 12:02pm

Perhaps ask for a petrol engine replacement. It will cost a bit more but the limp mode problem will be gone.



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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 1:18pm

Had the same bad luck with a 2.8CRD JEEP JK - my dream car soon turned into a nightmare- and after replacing the engine and overhauling the gearbox and and and - we (well more the wife) decided it was time to break the relationship with Jeep and we purchased a 4L Fortuner.... now the only problem we have is to keep the tank full...hahahaha :)

Garreth G


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Friday, June 2nd 2017, 11:12pm


Had the same bad luck with a 2.8CRD JEEP JK - my dream car soon turned into a nightmare- and after replacing the engine and overhauling the gearbox and and and - we (well more the wife) decided it was time to break the relationship with Jeep and we purchased a 4L Fortuner.... now the only problem we have is to keep the tank full...hahahaha :)

Such nice Jeeps those 2.8 CRD, in the USA that's the one to buy is the diesel. How Jeep got that motor so wrong in SA is a shame. I'd be driving one now if they had the reliability of a toyota.

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Monday, June 5th 2017, 7:26pm

n Goeie start is "Hello Peter".
Dring aan dat die groot Makulu van Totota SA jou kontak. Moet nie net stop met die storie nie, want dit is soos hulle met baie issues wegkom.
Mens betaal flippen baie geld en verwag darem dat issues uitgesort word.

Hoop jy kom reg... :rocket:



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Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 11:24am

Charl, die meeste wat hulle kan doen is jou geld terug betaal, minus gebruik van die voertuig oor die aantal maande - CPA sal heel moontlik dit ook so bereken. hangende af van hoe lank jy al die Fortuner het. Toyota SA gaan maar min doen, ek dink, want dit is 'n gebruikte voertuig buite hul waarborg, tensy jy die verlengde waarborg by gekoop het.

Toyota SA sal meskien die handelaar kontak en se dit is wat hulle moet doen, maar self gaan hulle nie baie betrokke raak nie. Ongelukkig.

dit is my persoonlike opinie, ek hoop rerig van harte dat ek verkeerd is, maar in my 14 jaar motor handel is dit maar wat gebeur - "hoofkantoor" sal altyd terug gaan handelaar toe, tensy dit 'n nuwe of demo model kar is....dan spring hulle partykeer.

sterkte en hou ons asseblief op hoogte.
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Wednesday, June 7th 2017, 7:20am

Gee hulle gas... moet nie ophou nie...
Onthou die wiel wat die meeste raas kry die meeste olie!

Ek het so paar jaar terug n Audi Q7 gekoop by n Audi dealer en na 4 maande het hulle hom terug gevat aangesien hulle hom nie kon reg maak nie, maar die deal was dat as hulle hom terug vat dat ek weer n motor by hulle moes koop... was happy met die deal en alles mooi uitgewerk... Maar ek moes hard skree om hulle aandag te kry.... Dus.... Gee hulle gas!!
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