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Tuesday, July 23rd 2019, 10:14pm

Wheel alignment needed AGAIN???

Hey guys,

My 3.0 Ltr Fortuna has just gone over 90,000 Km and has been serviced by Toyota Agent/s as and when due. Each and every time I get the tracking and alignment checked and it's ALWAY out. It begs the question: Why?

I infrequently go off-road and as best possible, avoid pot-holes; neither do I kerb the wheels when parking.

I'm wondering if the steering linkage system is just not sufficiently robust enough? What's your experince guys?

In the UK, I had LR 90s 110s and Discovery; both Defender models would be taken for serious off-road adventures with the 90 being also used for off-road compeditive trials. Not once did I have a problem with tracking and alignment. Tyres were the same as now: BFG A/Ts



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Wednesday, July 24th 2019, 7:30am

I have a 2007 D4d 4x4, 230 000km, and do a LOT of offroad driving.
I do not rotate the tyres and have only ever done wheel alignment when getting new tyres every 80 000km or so.
I have no abnormal tyre wear and no tyre problems.

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