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Date of registration: Jan 13th 2022

Location: Pretoria

Car: 2013 Fortuner 4.0 V6 2WD

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Thursday, January 13th 2022, 11:12am

Ironman rear coil lift/drop issue


Wonder if someone can shed some light and/or advise on this.

I recently had the Ironman foam cell shocks with medium coils installed on my 2013 Fortuner 4.0 V6 2WD. (I know this is a 4x4 community forum, but figured someone would be able to give some info on my 2WD)
This created a lift of roughly 80mm all around. (Bear in mind the old coils was still the originals and have sagged a bit, and measuring was done from bottom of mag to wheel arch)
After the installation, some vibration occurred at 30 to 40km/h. It also only happened under acceleration. we did ad spacers in middle of the drive shaft and the vibration became less. but still there.
The lift and angles it created on the driveshaft was too high and we changed "medium" coils to "light" coils.
After which the front dropped with 30mm, but the rear stayed exactly the same. (80mm)

Shouldn't the rear have dropped as well after installing the "light" coils?
Anyone have an idea what could cause this?
They also said of all the Fortuners they have ever done, this has never happened before.

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