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Friday, August 10th 2018, 9:09am

D4D 4x4 vibration

Hi Guys.
I have recently had my clutch of my Fortuner replaced, they also completed maintenance of my front drive shaft, ball joints and also the main drive shaft was also balanced and universals were checked.
we have found that there is a vibration on low rpm of 1.5 and in 5th gear doing 110km/h.
It sounds like the vibration is coming from the gearbox or centre part of the floorpan...

Can anyone give me some pointers were we can eliminate this vibration? :dash:

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Wednesday, October 17th 2018, 6:27pm


Last week I bought a used Fortuner(2014 model) 115000kms done, 2.7ltr, EXR, AUTO TRANSMISSION, 4-CYLINDER, GCC SPECIFICATIONS. From a reliable used car dealer in Sharjah in UAE. I did not test drive the car as it was lying on some other godown of theirs. From day-1 it has the following vibrations:
  1. When idle with transmission on D mode(eg; waiting at a signal), engine vibrates. If I change it to N(neutral), vibration goes or reduces to a little
  2. When I change transmission to R(reverse), engine vibrates. When vehicle starts rolling, it goes.
  3. My wife says her seat(front passenger) vibrates, as she can feel it, at certain speeds especially when on uneven roads
  4. When I drive alone(with nobody else), the buckle in front passenger seat belt which is hung on side wall vibrates by hitting the wall making irritating noise
  5. The torque gear(smaller one for shifting 2WD to 4WD mode) vibrates all the time, sometimes so speedily that if i put hand on it my hand will shiver
No vibrations at other times or speeds. Not driven above 100Kms/Hr speed yet. The dealer mechanic says, it is normal for 2.7Ltr and in 4.0Ltr model(6-cylinders) it would be more smooth.

I bought it since I wanted 7-seater in a limted budget, for family travel. No off-roading and no 4-wheel drive journeys also.

I know it is sometimes hard to find out the reason. Still I look forward to your comments and experiences which may help me in having broad understanding of the issue and then confront the mechanic with my acquired knowledge.

Thank you in advance.

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