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Jimmy M


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Sunday, April 8th 2018, 11:23am

Charging main battery

I will be going overseas for a while and I'm concerned that the main battery may run down while I away. I'm thinking of connecting my smart charger to the main battery but do not want to disconnect the battery terminals as this resets some functions. I have a few questions:
1) Will the battery remain full using a trickle charger coupled to the main battery terminals?
2) Can I damage any electronic components?
3) Can anything else be damaged?
I drive a 2017 2.8 GD-6 AT Fortuner and a CTec DC - DC charger keeps the second battery charged.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Garreth G


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Sunday, April 8th 2018, 1:26pm

You could use the Bosch C7 for your needs. I have one. Works very well. But I still won’t leave the car on charge with all the components still running in the car for a long time.
Risk is way to high. Rather just disconnect everything and have the batteries on charge. Why risk damaging your ecu and other components. Resting everything will only take you 10 minutes max to sort out. Ecu and having toyota do a claim will take much longer.

The C7 also allows you to remove your battery and the charger will run your car as a battery. I bought the C7 when I had a BMW and it needed constant power. Even when doing a battery change.

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Monday, April 9th 2018, 12:35pm

I cant see that any damage would ever happen. I charge mine with everything connected. I think the myth comes from years ago with bad bulk chargers that initially sends a spike through the system and can damage computers and equipment. Today's vehicle electronics can handle this and its also protected by fuses. Think about it, while you are driving your alternator bulk charges with no issues to any equipment. If you are using a smart charger like a C-tek or equivalent then you are 100% safe. I have left mine on the car for months on end with no issues. The nice thing about this is that the dual battery system will also monitor the primary and if its full the dual battery will also be charged.



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Tuesday, April 10th 2018, 6:43am

Leave everything connected to the battery, connect the Ctech to the battery terminals and go and enjoy your trip.
Perfectly OK.

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