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Tuesday, June 16th 2015, 5:40pm

Thanks, please let us know if you pick up any changes (positive or negative).


2011 Fortuner D4D 4x4 Auto
(Dual battery system, inverter, 42l long range diesel tank, Hella spotlights)



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Tuesday, May 28th 2019, 12:58pm

Well I guess I'm late to the party (only by a few years) but there hasn't been a better discussion on blocking Fortuner's EGR anywhere else on any forum across the globe.
I'm from India and own a 2013 Fortuner 3.0 Diesel 4x4 MT. I bought it when it had done around 100,000 kms and completed 40,000 kms in the last 1.5 years I've had it.
I observed a few other Fortuners idling and for some reason the engine sound was always on the higher side in my SUV. I took it to a competent service center and he told me that EGR would need to cleaned. At 140,000 kms I wouldn't be surprised that the manifold and valve both would be filled completely with soot, especially when it has been drive in the capital (Delhi) bumper to bumper traffic most of the time.
I read the entire thread twice and looks like EGR blanking plate is the solution for me. I wish to get the manifold cleaned thoroughly and then insert a blanking plate.
@Real Steel's solution of blanking plate seems to have been picked up commercially but unfortunately I wasn't able to locate one in India. Example -…-delete-kit.php
I'm bumping this old thread to -1) Ask if folks who used the blanking plate observed any issues with their vehicle2) What should be thickness of the Stainless steel used for the blanking plate?3) What are the exact dimensions of the blanking plate
Would appreciate any help around this!




Friday, March 5th 2021, 1:22pm

EGR blank off Kit

Hi all.

I manufacture a simple EGR blank off kit for all Toyota D4D's and supply nationally.
Feel free to contact me on 0787401073 directly if you have any questions.

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