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Monday, January 28th 2013, 9:46am

keep right pass left

thers no law stating drivers must move over to the yellow lane whilst clear and traffice passes by .

however,even if u are driving the speed limit and a vehicle aprrocahes from behind, the most sensible thing to do is give him chance of passing by,\

The R27 west coast. heading towards saldhana, its a curse to have majority of the traffic give a way to passby.

if its no the older its the younger,
if its not the lifted nor the drop (all the same)

yell i tell u. it seems like people dont lis to give way and those who drive with cellphones THAT CANT DRIVE whilst on the phone, jis like. different case if u can drive whilst on the phone and have control...

think il have to increase the bull bar strength to bang a couple of the road.
Ride smart & Conquer Excellence, :thumbup:

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