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Monday, November 18th 2013, 8:40am

Mud terrain - tyre pressure?

My personal thoughts on this is to have higher pressure to allow your wheel to cut through the mud as opposed to low pressure which would not get through the mud?

What do the experts say?


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Monday, November 18th 2013, 9:35am

That is the general principle but it also depends on how deep the mud is and what lies beneath.

If it is not too deep and there is solid ground underneath for the tyres to find grip, harder tyres are usually better.



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Monday, November 18th 2013, 10:09am

Two weeks ago at Villiers this Jeep got stuck ..... really stuck badly in the mud - it took over 4 hours to get the Jeep out - with this mud bigger wheels at low pressure did help as the momement your wheels go deeper they were sucked into the mud and no ways to get out - there was no traction! Thus the plan was to go over the mud and not cut into!

Here momentum... lots of it and soft tyres made a huge difference!!
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Monday, November 18th 2013, 1:09pm

Here momentum... lots of it and soft tyres made a huge difference!!

That works the best in mud, momentum and softer tyres

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