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Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 8:34am

Author: bhorat_07

Reverse lights changing

So I changed my reverse lights to LED just wanted to show everyone incase they decide to do it. Just be careful of the clips when you take it out. Hope this post was helpful Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk

Thursday, March 17th 2016, 11:34pm

Author: bhorat_07

Fortuner reverse lights

Hi I need some help to change my reverse bulbs on fortuner 2013 Ltd I'd like to put led. I also want to know if I can do it or should I take it someone else Sent from my SM-A500F using Tapatalk

Thursday, March 17th 2016, 11:30pm

Author: bhorat_07


Hi sorry been away for a while. I really need some help on my 2013 fortuner. Is it hard to replace the reverse bulbs??

Friday, July 17th 2015, 9:27pm

Author: bhorat_07

SATNAV system now available

cant the software be downloaded from somewhere?

Friday, July 17th 2015, 9:19pm

Author: bhorat_07

Toyota Fortuner 2013

Hi all i got a toyota fortuner 2013 LTD would like to make a few changes such as change the lights infront and reverse lights to LED and inside also to LED is it better to take it to someone or can i buy globes and do it myself? i stay in Durban i also would like to know how do i update maps do i have to install it or put a cd in and keep it in?