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Saturday, September 7th 2019, 7:36pm

Author: Fortunator

Big update to Forum coming!!!

Hi All Members Due to the new updates to our server we are required to update the forum as well. We have put it off for many month but we are now forced to update the entire platform. Please be patient with us as we go through this process. Things things are usually never very smooth but we hope that we manage to transition as smoothly as possible and with that open up many more features as well. It will happen in the course of the next week. Thank you for your patience in this regard.

Friday, June 21st 2019, 9:20am

Author: Fortunator

Camping Equipment Rental Company

Hi Forum members, We have recently started a company called Go Camp which offers rentals on Camping equipment. We have a branch in Cape Town and are now opening in JHB as well. We offer the following items: Camping fridges various sizesAlu-Cab roof tents with AwningsBattery boxesSolar panelsFully equipped Canopies that fit on most double, single and club cab bakkies. We are adding new equipment to the list of rental options depending on demand. For more information please visit our website www.g...

Wednesday, March 15th 2017, 2:48pm

Author: Fortunator

New member

Welcome to the forum Big Jon.

Thursday, December 8th 2016, 5:27pm

Author: Fortunator

Ford Terrible service and vehicles

Hi PRA I did post it there as well!.

Thursday, December 8th 2016, 4:21pm

Author: Fortunator

Ford Terrible service and vehicles

Hi Guys Just thought I would share this with you and hopefully get Ford to solve this issue. We bought two new Fords for our transfer company in SA. Took deliver and noticed that the fords had a fairly severe rattle and vibration on the rear seats. We took it to the ford dealer in JHB and they said that this was a something they could not fix but rather an issue with the vehicle manufacturing. They contacted the ford engineers who then viewed the vehicle and responded in writing below: "Morning ...

Monday, August 29th 2016, 8:04am

Author: Fortunator

Fortunator has been sold

It's a sad day as I say goodbye to the Fortunator, the vehicle that inspired me to build this forum After many years of amazing travel experiences, it was time to give her a new home. I made sure that I still had one Fortuner in the stable before I sold Fortunator, which my wife drives during the day and I steal at night on my neighbourhood watch patrols . I got a Hilux D4D 4x4 2011 with 50 000km on the clock in the interim but I do not think that car is going to last too long in my stable until...

Thursday, July 21st 2016, 9:28am

Author: Fortunator

Test new Category

Hi All To test things out I thought I would start things off. I own Biggestleaf Pty Ltd which has a travel agent and website/online marketing department. We specialise in booking Etosha, Pilanesberg, Madikwe and Welgevonden Game Reserves. If you have ever booked those parks the chances if you having found my websites or booked through our agency is fairly big. I also own that specialises in Discounted rates for South African looking to travel to luxury lodges. I also own ...

Thursday, July 21st 2016, 9:16am

Author: Fortunator

Member Networking

Hi All members Great idea, I have added a "Business Networking" section under Community category. I have moved it below the "introduce yourself" tab so it is move visible to new members as well. Please let me know if that works for you. kind Regards

Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 6:52am

Author: Fortunator


Hi Guys, I have sent off all the sticker orders that I received. The postal service can be slow so give it some time. If you have not received your stickers after the holiday please let me know. I will be printing more stickers earlier next year as well. Regards

Wednesday, August 26th 2015, 9:32am

Author: Fortunator

Specials 4 Africa

Hi Members, You would have spotted some new banners for Specials 4 Africa on the forum. This is a new company that I have started which looks at giving South Africans better rates for some very cool safari lodges. If you are going away on Holiday and want to book something more luxurious please send us an enquiry through the website. As you know with all new project all the support will help. Tx

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015, 7:50am

Author: Fortunator

Fortunator - new member

Thank you Cois and the rest of the team. All is well with the new family. regards

Wednesday, July 15th 2015, 9:48pm

Author: Fortunator

Funny pic


Monday, July 13th 2015, 9:43pm

Author: Fortunator

Botswana info

hi Rory, I would recommend staying at Xnai pans if you go to Baines Baobab. Bains is cool but Xnai is the only place you will have water so if you want to see some wildlife then maybe stay at Xnai Pans which is a few km from Bains. I hope that helps a bit

Friday, June 5th 2015, 5:01pm

Author: Fortunator

DIY your Fortuner

Hi Members I have been asked to add this category to the forum. DIY Ideas for your fortuner, I hope this helps.

Tuesday, May 5th 2015, 8:53am

Author: Fortunator

Kilimanjaro "What to pack Video"

Hi Members Have a look at the two new video that we produced. #mce_temp_url# #mce_temp_url#

Friday, February 13th 2015, 3:26pm

Author: Fortunator

4x4 Mag for March check it out!

Hi Members If you get a chance pick up your addition of the 4x4 Mag for March and check out our Fortuners in action in Zambia. This should be good publicity for the Fortuner's and their ability to rough it. Its a great article by Christopher Clark our travel writer.

Thursday, February 12th 2015, 11:40am

Author: Fortunator

Bad news on new Fortuner

Hi Guys, Something that might also help is to brand your car or put your reg number on your roof or pull a stripe across the roof so you car does not look like every other Fortuner. This is more if somebody steal the car and you want to track it down. Taxis do this a lot so there must be some truth in it. The other option is to move to Cape Town ...... I am touching a lot of wood right now!

Friday, November 28th 2014, 3:28pm

Author: Fortunator

Injectors where in Cape Town

Big AL Thank you, this is a great help Kind Regards

Wednesday, November 26th 2014, 8:50am

Author: Fortunator

Fortuner conqueres Zambia

Thanks guys, this is only week 1 of 4, there is more to come once I manage to sort through the pictures.